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Below you can find an explanation of how the application works and all the steps you need to complete.



We prefer to receive your application in digital form. Please send us your application documents (vita, cover letter, certificates) through our jobs portal.

If you are only able to make a paper application, please note the following: Please do not include any original documents with your paper application. Our recruiting team digitises your documents. The paper documents are then destroyed and will not be returned.

1. Find a job
Interested in an open position with us? Then apply for it through our jobs portal. This could not be easier: Simply click on the button “Apply now”.

2. Upload your application
We require your CV and employment references for your application. After answering a couple of questions, you can complete your application.

3. Finished
As soon as you click on “Submit application” again, your application will reach our responsible recruiting team. You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail. Should you wish to access your profile again, e.g., to add more details, enter your e-mail address under “My profile” and click on “Forgot password”. After setting a password, you can complete your profile and activate the job agent. You can use the job agent to specify which other jobs you are interested in.


4. Application check
We will review your documents and get back to you if we are missing anything or to arrange an initial short telephone interview. The department will then receive your application and take a close look at it. This may take some time. Please do try to be patient. We promise we will contact you as soon as possible.

5. Your interview
If we like your application, we will invite you to an in-person interview. The point is that we get to know each other. You are usually interviewed by two people. You have the chance to introduce yourself and ask us questions.

6. Second round of interviews
If the first interview went well, a second interview is held – sometimes with a different cast. In this interview, we discuss the framework conditions (working hours, salary, and so on) and clarify any open questions.

7. Preparing for you to join
If you’ve convinced us that you’re the right person for the job, we will call you to let you know. If you’re convinced by us too, we will get things ready for you to start with us. For most positions, the recruitment is also agreed with our works council. We will inform you about this process.


8. Sending the employment contract
You will receive your employment contract and all the important information by post. The contract is signed by your employer and sent to you in duplicate.

9. Returning the employment contract
You now have to send your signed employment contract, together with the completed documents, back to HR by the specified date.

10. Information about starting with us
One to two weeks before you begin your new role, we will send you a welcome email with all the important information about your first day at work. We look forward to meeting you!

11. Welcome!
We will make sure you are ready to get started right away on your very first day. Every new member of staff is first greeted by representatives of the HR department. They provide you with some general information, any necessary documents and materials and your first mandatory training sessions. After that, you are introduced to your new department.


  • Please send us your application preferably through our jobs portal. Here, you can enter your data and upload your CV as well as relevant employment references. Should you wish to access your profile again, e.g., to add more details, enter your e-mail address under “My profile” and click on “Forgot password”. After setting a password, you can edit your profile. Here, you can also activate the job agent and specify which other jobs you are interested in. As soon as a suitable job becomes available, you will automatically be contacted by us via e-mail.


  • We reimburse the travel expenses for travel to the applicant interviews and selection procedures. You will receive a travel expenses form from your HR contact, which you can submit to us. We will reimburse € 0.30 per kilometre for travel by car, 2nd class rail travel and taxi costs of up to € 30. If necessary, we also cover the cost of an overnight stay in a hotel, without breakfast.